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Choosing The Right Dance Studio: ‘Factors To Consider For a Positive Learning Experience’


Ready to take on the world of dance but not sure what to look for in a professional dance studio?

Finding the right dance environment is very much about what suits your personal style, connecting with a community of dancers, as well as finding qualified teachers that will help nurture your dancing education.

Whether a beginner or advanced student, there are some important factors to consider when choosing the right dance studio for you.  Let�s take a look�


Find Passionate Teachers You Can Learn From

A dance studio is usually a dancer�s home away from home; therefore it�s important to ensure the teachers are a good fit for you. What style of dance do they specialise in? What is their background? Do the instructors have an approachable and fun personality? Don�t be shy to have a chat to your local studio and learn about what inspires them. You will have a greater chance of finding one that is suitable for your training.


Some other things to look out for include communication skills � are they good at verbalizing their dance moves or showing you how to perform a certain movement without rushing through it. A reputable dance studio is committed to bringing out the best in their students and creating an atmosphere that is conducive to growth and learning.


A Clean & Well Maintained Environment

Entering into a clean, sanitised and fresh dance studio will always make your dance experience all the more enjoyable. High quality flooring is important for any prospective dance student so it�s important to ensure it�s kept in the best condition possible.


The studio�s aesthetic condition will give you a pretty good idea of how it will feel to train there; therefore it�s worthwhile to do a quick inspection prior to committing to future dance programs and bulk classes.


If you know the studio takes pride in maintaining a beautiful space (think bathroom or reception areas), there�s a good chance the dance instructors take pride in what they are teaching.


Diverse Dance Classes & Training Programs

Having access to structured dance programs is one of the best ways to strengthen your dance training, increase your skills and have fun while doing it.  Whether it�s Hip Hop, Ballet, Tap, Jazz or Contemporary, every class is designed with your capabilities in mind.

When you enrol in a dance program, you are committed to it for the next few months � even if there are days you don�t feel like it. If you prefer drop in or casual classes, most dance schools offer that too. Speak to your local studio about your needs and take it from there.


Dance Discovery offers a wide range of classes for all age groups in different styles of dance. Every class is taught by a passionate and educated teacher that works with your individual goals in mind � helping you reach your true potential.


For more information, please call 0414 509 299 today or visit us in studio at 2B Staley St Brunswick.