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Dance Discovery offers a wide range of classes for all age groups in different styles of dance. Every class is taught by a passionate and educated teacher who always strives to ensure your child is reaching their potential. Both the Brunswick and Lalor Studio's offer similar classes with the highest standard.



We offer classes in:

  • Classical Ballet (Royal Academy of Dance and Australian Teachers of Dancing),
  • Jazz,
  • Tap,
  • Hip Hop,
  • Contemporary,
  • Acrobatics and
  • Performance team classes.


External examinations classes are offered in all styles. Examinations are a positive way to develop your child’s technical skills and show their progress through the years, however, examinations are not compulsory.


At the end of each year, all student participate in our end of year performances, which showcases their progress to family and friends in a professional environment.


This event is a highlight for all students and teachers. All students are appropriately costumed with no costume making required by parents.


Competition and performance classes help build confidence while being in a dedicated team environment. Invitations for this program are extended to students who show dedication and are enthusiastic towards their dance studies.