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Exercises important for Breakdancers


Breakdancing is a jaw-dropping form of art. The gravity-defying moves involved in b-boying are nothing but brilliant. It's not to say that other dance forms are not artistic, but breakdancing requires unparalleled levels of physical fitness and flexibility.


Breakdancing combines energy, strength, and gymnastics. A breakdancer uses quick body movements with explosive landings that deliver a wholesome breakdancing sequence. To have perfect body control and coordination, b-boys/girls need to have a fitness routine; otherwise, their form would be compromised.


Breakdancing is all about balance. Whether you do a windmill or a jackhammer, you need to have the resolute body strength to balance your weight. And that body strength comes from a workout regimen that a breakdancer cannot miss! Be it Chris Brown or Step up three dance master Adam Sevani or the breakdancing guru Lilou, being a break dancer requires following carefully planned workout regimes to ensure peak physical form that b-boying requires.


Exercise for Break-Dancers

The right workout plan for a breakdancer needs to have a combination of exercises that includes cardio and strength training. Break dancing requires extreme energy, therefore a dancer cannot function if they lack stamina or their heart cannot pick up the rhythm when doing high-intensity physical activities. Stamina building can be done with cardio and other high-intensity workouts. Hence, a breakdancer's workout routine must include cardio exercises so that they can meet the high energy demands of breakdancing.  


Stamina building is only half the battle; the other half is strength training and learning to balance. Getting into the groove of dancing is relatively easy if balancing is not required. However, in breakdancing, it is a cornerstone. And therefore, a breakdancer has to build unmatched body strength so that they can balance their body against gravity. A breakdancer must target specific muscles more aggressively in their workout routine because those muscle groups do most of the heavy lifting in breakdancing. Those muscle groups include your abs, upper arms, and chest and back muscles.


In breakdancing, your upper body bears the weight of most of the twisting movements. Be it a head spin or a flare, your upper body, especially your core, needs to stay taut to round out the dance move. If your core is not in its best shape when breakdancing, your movements will suffer. Your abs provide support to the entire body, when you balance it on your arm, upper back, or head. Lacking core strength leads to messy movements and clumsy contortions.


To avoid mishaps during breakdancing routines and achieve unprecedented physical fitness, you must include the following exercises in your workout regime.


Press-ups or Pushups


Doing pushups is a surefire way to achieve maximum upper body fitness and core strength. To exert more pressure on your abs for resistance training, include some planks in your workout routine as well.


Plyometric Squats and Single-Leg Squats


Jump as high as you can and land in a squatting position, and that will conclude one plyometric squat for you. Plyometric squats are fantastic for stamina building and strength training equally.


Maintain your weight on one leg while keeping the other one in the air and go down into a squatting position. Get back up, and you'll be done with one single-leg squat rep. Single leg squats are excellent for learning to balance your body weight.


Jumping Jacks or High Knees


For getting the heart rate up and stamina building, do as many jumping jacks as possible in a day. The Red bull BC b-boys are big on doing jumping jacks or high knees for stamina building.


Running is also a great way of getting your heart rate up. Jogging first thing in the morning is the best way of getting your daily dose of cardio workout.


Don't forget to do stretching exercises to relax your muscles before and after a workout.