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4 Reasons Why People of All Ages Love Dancing


Have you ever noticed that a one-year child who can barely walk independently starts moving with the beat? A 65-year-old will at least tap their feet to a musical beat if not dance in public? Ever wondered what causes this response?


The answer is simple.


We all love dancing.


Regardless of age, dancing is as natural as breathing. And if you agree with this, you need to know four reasons why people of all ages love dancing.


Dancing Boosts Self-Esteem

When you dance, your goal may not be to lit up the Broadway stage, but even some simple dance moves are enough to release the endorphins in your blood that make you feel good about yourself. And this boost in self-esteem comes with several advantages to your physical health highlighted in the next section.


It Brings Several Health Benefits

When you feel good about yourself, you are likely to repeat what caused the response. And if you feel good after dancing, you are likely to continue it. Regular dance performance at a dancing class or stage can bring several health benefits, including

  • Improved blood pressure and lower blood cholesterol,
  • Improved flexibility and toned body muscles, and
  • Facilitates weight reduction.

Just to get an idea of how many calories you can burn every hour with a simple dance, here are the numbers.

  • Ballet Burns � 380 � 450 calories,
  • Salsa � 405 � 480 calories,
  • Ballroom Dancing � 150 � 300 calories, and
  • Tap Zaps � 200 � 700 calories depending upon your pace.


Dancing Plays a Significant Role in Stress Reduction

The world has never witnessed such stressful times.


With technology taking over every aspect of life, today's population experiences more stress than ever, thanks to screens. Children and adults both have immense exposure to screens that is a significant source of stress. Moreover, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the work-and-study-from-home arrangements and limited social life is adding more to the already stressed population.


Dancing is a great way to reduce stress. It provides you an outlet using which you can deal with your feelings and anxieties. And the happiness hormones, endorphins, that release as a result of dancing contribute towards making you feel better about yourself and your life as a whole.


It is Fun  

How can we forget the most straightforward reason why people dance!


Because it is fun!


This may appear to be a not-so-important of all reasons, but it is. After all, dancing allows you to be the free spirit you want, listen to music, socialize with some of your favourite people and have fun with them. Is it still not a significant reason?


Discover Yourself at Dance Discovery

If you are looking for ways to express yourself, and discover your true self, learn how to dance. At Dance Discovery, you can learn several types of dances ranging from classical ballets to acrobatics and everything in between. To try out our dance class, contact us now.