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How to survive your first term of dance classes


So, you’ve taken the plunge and signed up for your very first dance class. Perhaps you have a fitness goal you want to smash out, or you’re looking to access a few new friends in a funky, new environment. Whatever the reason, starting up classes – be it contemporary, ballet, jazz – can be a little daunting if you don’t know what to expect. From finding what to wear, down to getting to know your classmates – how can you best prepare yourself for the term?


Here are our top tips for jumping on board your first term of dance classes with zero stress and hassle. It’s time to put on your dancing shoes.


Know what the wear


What you’re required to wear to class will depend on the style of dance you are pursuing. If you’re taking up a ballet class, there’s likely to be a set outfit or uniform required. Often, finding the best gear to wear comes down you as an individual performer, what you feel the most comfortable in and the level of activity. If you’re unsure, ask those around you (or your dance studio) to understand the benchmarks and expectations better.


Nothing grants self-confidence and productivity more than feeling good in your skin, so gear up with dancewear that best suits your interests, ability and personality.


Work out your routine


When it comes to dancing – be it contemporary, jazz or the like – everyone is different. There’s also likely a few essentials that can help you feel more confident after a class, such as a towel, water bottle or deodorant. Keeping these on hand makes for a nifty go-to when you need something to help you feel more refreshed.


As you commence your classes, you may notice yourself wandering over to a specific spot in the room, where you’d rather bust out your moves comfortably. Take notice of your habits and embrace them as you go along.


On your first day, equip yourself with a full water bottle, plenty of hair ties, bobby pins, a brush and a snack – you’ll find these little bits and pieces to be more than just helpful to have around. Over the term, you will also learn more about what you need to bring along, and what you can afford to leave behind next time.


Expect fast-paced lessons


Dance classes will vary in length; however, most will range between 45 minutes up to two hours. Because of this, most dance classes are fast-paced, featuring a warm-up, floor routines and then working on a new choreographed set. Although this can often be overwhelming at first, it’s important to stay focused during the class and take in as much of the choreography as you can. If you don’t get it right the first time, that’s okay; there’s always time to practice and improve. Utilise those around you, as well as your teachers, to get the routine down pat.


Have fun


Above all, the most critical step of getting through your first term is to have fun. Let yourself embrace each class and give yourself time to achieve each goal.


As you progress through the term, you’ll find you become more comfortable with your own movements and skills, allowing you to work out exactly how you learn best. You’ll also be able to see how you can improve in certain areas, and access inspiration to ramp things up next term. Keep an open mind and enjoy the community you’re involved in. Be it contemporary dance, ballet classes or another variety – you’re here to have fun.