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How Children Can Become More Confident Through Dance?

Dancing offers several benefits for your child's physical and mental health. It keeps them physically active, helps maintain a healthy lifestyle, and promotes social development and better mental...

Dancing is a Great Way to Have Fun and Improve Fitness at the Same Time

There is a rush of excitement that courses through our body when our favourite music is on. It rejuvenates us to the point where we can't help but swirl and twirl a little. What if we told you that yo...

How Dancing Can Improve a Child's Motor Skills?

As a parent, you may be aware of the significance of physical exercise for your child's development. You know that physical activity helps strengthen their muscles and bones. Moreover, they learn to...

Want to Tone Muscles the Fun Way? Start Dancing Classes!

Getting fit and toning muscles do not have to be boring exercises that you dread. In fact, fitness itself is supposed to be exciting and motivating, not dull and chore-like! To make things easier for...

Dancing Is a Great Way to Lose Weight and Get in Shape

Dancing is often a fun activity that you enjoy at a club on the weekends. But did you know this activity that helps you unwind and relax brings several benefits to your health? It strengthens your...

4 Reasons Why People of All Ages Love Dancing

Have you ever noticed that a one-year child who can barely walk independently starts moving with the beat? A 65-year-old will at least tap their feet to a musical beat if not dance in public? Ever...

Exercises important for Breakdancers

Breakdancing is a jaw-dropping form of art. The gravity-defying moves involved in b-boying are nothing but brilliant. It's not to say that other dance forms are not artistic, but breakdancing...

Backup Dancers Really Complement the Main Celebrity on Stage

If you love dance you may want to consider a career in the industry. As a successful backup dancer, you can enjoy a fast-paced and (sometimes) glamorous career performing with top artists. While you...

Based On Your Personality What Type Of Dancer Should You Be?

Do you prefer the classical discipline of ballet? The hard-core energy of krumping? Or the percussive release of tap? Your personality can have a big influence over what style of dance you most...

Anyone Can be a Good Dancer. Practice Makes Perfect!

If you read the biographies of any famous dancers, singers, actors, musicians or sports people, you'll find they all had one thing in common - a willingness to practice their freak'n socks off to...