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Top five things only dancers notice


Being a dancer is a unique experience, to say the least. From weeknights and weekends spent in the studio to plenty of dollars spent on shoes, leotards, classes � you name it; the to-do list is always endless. Over our dancing careers, whether they�re ongoing or in the past, we�ve learned a lot, which still filters into our everyday life. So, what are some things that only dancers tend notice? Here�s our top picks.


How to juggle a busy schedule


Becoming a part of this field means you don�t just work Monday to Friday, 9 to 5. Professional ballet dancers can take classes every morning, rehearse for over six hours during the day and still have the energy to perform to a full audience that evening. Once you factor that in, plus eating, running errands and even resting, it�s not long before your week is jam-packed. By following a strict schedule, we learn how to balance time; which is a great thing to have in your weapon belt. Noticing this early on in your career can also  help you out in the long run.


Your costumes take up more room than your clothes


When you visit a friend�s house, you may be amazed by the state of their wardrobe. Not that it�s messy or empty, simply because it�s not filled with a bunch of dancing costumes like yours is. It�s easy to fill up stash with gear as it accumulates over time, especially as performances often require several costume changes. Although this the �norm� for you, it tends to be a whole other story for others.


It�s hard to stay still


Dancers are constantly moving, whether we�re stretching before class, spending our days practicing in the studio or performing on stage. Because of this, it can get pretty tricky to sit still when the time of reprieve comes around. It can even make us feel uncomfortable, which can often lead to fidgeting, stretching or even needing to get up and move about.


Your friends are shocked when you crack your back


Cracking knees and backs is all apart of life for us, but when our non-dancer friends notice, the look on their face says otherwise. We actually don�t normally notice that we do it time and time again, you�re likely to find everyone around you is quick to point out how �gross� they think it is. But that�s half the fun, right?


How often you get asked �Doesn�t that hurt?�


Dancers learn new and intricate routines regularly; it�s all apart of the challenge. These routines take time, practice and a lot of stretching. Our flexible bodies are used to this, but for others, it can still comes as a bit of a shock. That�s when you get the age-old question: �Doesn�t that hurt?�


We promise, it doesn�t!

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